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At SOFTAge we use the following technologies and development environments:

Microsoft technologies

We use Microsoft Visual Studio for developing both our .NET related projects and C++/C projects. We have significant skills in developing desktop applications using the C# language and the C and C++ languages, and also in developing web applications using the ASP.NET/C# language.

Java technologies

When it comes to Java projects, we are familiar with the Eclipse IDE. However most of the time we prefer to manage our source code and build procedures manually from the command line, using Ant which gives us all the power and flexibility we need.

Most of our Java development history is related to the Servoy development platform. Servoy is a rapid application development environment mostly based on Java technologies. You can read more about them on their website. We can say that we did lot's of things with this Servoy, starting from building entire applications and going up to developing custom plugins. The "masterpiece" of the plugins we developed was a Java3D based plugin that allows the 3D visualization of a cargo ship and the moving of the cargo containers on the decks of the ship.

Web technologies

In the field of web technologies, we have extensive experience in PHP, HTML, XML, XSL, JavaScript, CSS. Also we have good experience in ASP.NET and JSP.


We have worked with several database systems. In decreasing order of our experience with them, these systems are: MySQL, SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle.

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