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SOFTAge delivers the following professional IT services:

Software development

We are specialized in the development and building of new software applications. We have experience in developing applications of various types and for various platforms. Look on the Technology page for the technologies we are using.

Software conversion and maintenance

We offer our support for maintaining and/or converting existing software systems. Also we can take over projects that are under development and for one reason or another are not evolving as expected.

Assistance in requirements elicitation

If you are also a software company, then you must know how difficult the initial part of any new project is, when the requirements of the customer have to be understood. We offer specialized support for companies, specifically for this initial part of new projects. We are well skilled in techniques for eliciting requirements from customers and building an initial specification of the system. Optionally we can offer our expertise for also building the initial system architecture.

Coaching of young development teams

We know how difficult is to grow a professional team. That's why we offer our support for coaching young teams of software developers. We come daily to your development site and by direct interaction and example we show to your team how to practically apply the best practices of software engineering in their daily work.

Success stories

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These are some of the projects we delivered so far to our clients:

Security software

This was the very first project that we started in our company. It is a software security application whose purpose is to protect data from intruders. It was developed using a combination of technologies. The main part was written in the C# language under the .NET platform. The rest was written in C++. The project is still alive now, as we are continuously improving it and releasing new, upgraded versions.

Academic research

We developed two projects related to the field of psychology. They were developed for a university teacher who was doing research for his doctoral thesis in the field of psychology. The two projects were computer versions of two psychological tests. One of them was developed using the .NET platform (C# language) and the other one using Microsoft Visual C++. The customer was very enthusiastic about the outcome of the projects and after one year we happily found out that he has intensively used both projects in his research.

Re-engineering of legacy systems

We had several re-engineering projects. The projects were initially started by other teams of programmers and then at some moment, due to various reasons, we were asked to continue their development. All these projects were very challenging. First we had to study the original code and try to understand the overall architecture. Then we re-engineered some parts which we thought should be improved. And then we continued implementing functionality that was needed by the clients. Due to our dedication, things went on so smoothly that the end users of the projects almost did not notice that another team has taken over the development.

Naval industry

We developed a project for the naval industry. Its purpose was to assist those responsible in loading cargo on heavy transport vessels, so that there is no danger for the ship to sink during its voyage. The project was challenging because it involved a great deal of scientific mathematical calculations.

Software processes improvement tools

We took part in the development of a software products suite intended to help software companies improve their software processes. The suite was composed from a web portal and a desktop application. They were both developed using .NET technology, ASP.NET for the web portal, and C# for the desktop application.


We have also developed several websites using either PHP with MySQL or ASP.NET with Microsoft SQL Server.

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