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Core values
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The company SOFTAge SRL was founded in June 2003. The company's office is situated in the city of Timisoara, not far from the western border of Romania.

Behind the name "SOFTAge" there is a team whose history starts a few years earlier than the company itself. All members of the current management team were colleagues during their undergraduate studies in the Technical University of Timisoara. During the first four years of study they collaborated in an excellent manner on most of the school projects. Then, in the fourth year, at the LOOSE (Laboratory of Object Oriented Software Engineering) contest, as a team they won the title of Best Software Company, together with several other individual titles for each team member. This was the moment when the idea to build a company was born. It was happening in the winter of 2002/2003. The necessary actions were taken and by the summer of 2003 the company named SOFTAge started to exist.

Since its birth, SOFTAge focused mostly on developing outsourced software. It had several partners: two Romanian companies from the industry of Data Protection and Security, a Dutch company that builds custom business applications for West-European partners, an English company that provides software services to its customers. In a period of more than three years, these companies outsourced to SOFTAge about ten software projects. You can read more about them in the Success Stories section on the Services page.

After three years, the SOFTAge team decided to split the direction of activity. Now SOFTAge intends to keep two main directions. It will continue to remain in the outsourcing business, but it is also developing its own suite of software products which are promoted and sold worldwide.

Core values

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SOFTAge operates according to some core values:


If there is a word that our customers should associate with the name SOFTAge, this word is "reliable". We want our customers to feel good and safe while doing business with us. That's why we try to be always available for them, whenever they ask for our help.


We believe it to be an essential value to address business opportunities and relationships in an honest way.

Service and customer focused

We believe the satisfaction of our customers is the real measure of our success. That's why the customer is always at the center of our focus.

Top quality

We like to be flexible, but when it comes to the quality of our products and services, it is the place where we make no compromise. We aim at providing only top quality products and services to our customers.

Personal fulfillment

We like to have people in the positions they feel most suited for. This way they can feel constantly fulfilled and they always bring out the best of them.

Open for new ideas

We stick to core values but are open to try out new ideas, concepts and strategies. We keep that what works.

Long term vision

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Our goal is to become a strong company in the Western part of Romania, with a good position on both the European and the global software market.

We intend to do this by growing the company with a steady rate, by hiring new, talented people. We believe that by providing a good working environment, with healthy principles and practices, we have a competitive edge in hiring new talent.

We believe that the first word the clients should associate with SOFTAge is "reliable". If this happens, than we can be sure we are on a growing path. We treat each client with full dedication, so that after the first project done with us, he will surely return with others too. This way, in time, we want to build our image as a mature company that is always available, even for the most complicated software tasks. We are convinced that steady enthusiasm and dedication will guarantee our success.

On long term, we envision SOFTAge to remain in two areas of activity. On one side we will continue to offer to other companies outsourcing services for software development and maintenance. Apart from this, we will also develop our own suits of software products which we will sell through separate sales channels and/or dealer organizations.

Depending on the collaboration and setup with strategic partners we can grow faster, important in this case is the setting up of a good consultancy and sales organization that will initiate further growth.
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